Mandy Littlewood

Senior Associate, Indigo House

Mandy is a research methods expert with over 20 years research experience including work as Research Fellow in the Centre for Housing Research and Urban Studies at Glasgow University and Associate Director in TNS Social Research. Mandy’s research interests include poverty, homelessness, tenancy sustainment, housing need and affordability. Mandy is an Honorary Fellow with i-SPHERE at Heriot Watt University and an Senior Associate with Social Development Direct in London. Mandy contributes to Indigo House’s portfolio of work in modelling rent affordability, housing need and demand and identifying potential markets for intermediate renting and other housing options. She has also contributed to the team’s work on financial inclusion. Her work has involved the development of small area estimates using numerous large and complex datasets and mapping results using GIS. Mandy has delivered research methods training for numerous audiences, including training on survey methods for the Social Research Association and the Scottish Housing Best Value Network.